WiFi Boosters and Extenders worth it?

WiFi Boosters (Extenders and Repeaters)
The Netgear WiFi boosters are a great and affordable way to extend your WiFi signats to dead zones in your house. It works by plugging the device to the wall, capturing your main WiFi signal and “repeating” such signal to the dead spots throughout your home. Even though the Netgear WiFi booster solution is an affordable one, it’s not necessarily the best one. If what you’re looking for is performance and speed to be delivered to those elusive dead spots in your home we recommend to go for an AP (Access Point). Installing an AP is the best solution for extending your WiFi signal with minimal loss in performance. It also features more functionality than a WiFi booster because typically AP’s are also Network Routers. With that being said they have better internal hardware and better range boosting capabilities than your typical wall outlet repeater and provide more reliability in the long run.