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TV Installation


  • $175.00 for any TV that is 50 inches and above with the cables concealed behind the wall.
  • $150.00 for any TV that is 49 inches and under with the cables concealed behind the wall.

* Brackets and HDMI cables are not included



TV Installation

Have you told yourself time and time again, this weekend I will mount that TV on the wall! Has the weekend passed and that TV is still not mounted? The leader in TV Installation in Miami, NuAge PC is here to help! By calling us, you can now have that TV, mounted by one of NuAge PC’s experienced technicians.

What makes us different from our competition? Our technicians take the time to include the customer in the process, whether its by making sure the TV is mounted at the perfect height for viewing or by offering advice to the customer on which bracket to purchase. Our technicians are experienced and have installed televisions in a variety of locations across South Florida, from standard residential homes to restaurants. So whether procrastination has set in or you’re having a last second party and want to make an impression on your guests with your living room setup, NuAge PC is Miami’s go-to TV Installation company!

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