Making the case for Curved TVs



Curved TVs were the most hyped piece of new technology in the last year, but are they really worth the hype? Curved TVs were created so that your viewing experiencing could be enhanced by having the screen of the television curved. Below are reasons making the case for curved TVs:

1. They improve immersion

This is the biggest argument made in favor of curving TV screens. The idea is that by curving the image slightly forward, the world you’re watching seems to ‘wrap around’ you more, entering slightly more into your peripheral vision and thus drawing you deeper and deeper into the experience.


2. The sense of ‘depth’ is enhanced

One of the most common reactions from people watching a curved screen for the first time is that it looks like 3D, even when the source is 2D. This is because curving the edges of the image towards the viewer enhances the visual perception of depth in what you’re watching. Samsung underlines this by applying depth enhancement processing to its curved TVs that adjusts the contrast of different parts of the image to boost the sense of field depth. 


If you enjoy being immersed in movies and sporting events, a curved TV is perfect for you. The future of home entertainment will be these types of TVs and although not everyone has warmed up to the idea, companies are doubling down.