Windows 10 Automatic Update

windows 10

Windows 10 was automatically pushed out to many machines in past year and the results have been mixed. The biggest concerns comes from users who had no idea that Windows would automatically update on it’s own. Most of our clients have not been affected by this nuisance update, however some of our customers who own their own businesses have had some compatibility issues with this update and have lost important information in the process. If you are having problems¬†with the Windows 10 upgrade, NuAge PC wants to help those who have been affected by making you feel comfortable using the new Windows 10 update. We will walk you through this new operating system and tweak various settings so this system operates and is configured in a way that you’re accustomed to.



Beware Of The Harmful Locky Virus!

locky virus

The Locky Virus

If you haven’t heard or read about ransom ware viruses, this email is for you. These viruses could be harmful to all of your business information stored on a computer or laptop. A type of ransom ware called Locky has infected hundreds of thousands of computers in the last month. The Locky Virus usually comes in the form of an unsolicited attachment from an unknown sender. Once this attachment is opened the Locky Virus spreads throughout your computer and locks you out. If you are locked out the only way to regain access is the pay the attackers a ransom.

Advice from our technicians

  • Backup your computer regularly and keep a recent backup copy off-site. Backups that are not kept off-site and still connected will be locked by the virus.
  • Be cautious about spam emails
  • Do not open attachments such as zip files or .rar files from unknown senders.

If you would like one of our technicians to consult you on the proper backup solutions needed (we recommend Carbonite), feel free to give us a call today at 877-NuAgePC.