Simple ways to improve your technology at home!


It’s a little past the halfway point this year and NuAge PC wants to give our customers some simple ways to improve your technology at home for the remainder of 2016!

For Computers:

  • First make sure to have an ACTIVE antivirus solution because sometimes our customers are paying for licenses and then it expires and is never renewed.
  • Make sure antivirus solution is also updated to the latest version and virus database is updated as well.
  • Also make sure your Operating System is updated and upgraded to the latest version if possible and all the software on your computer is up to date (Adobe, Java, Office, Google Chrome, Firefox,etc) to patch as many vulnerabilities as possible on your system

For Security Cameras:

  • Take a look at your connectors for corrosion. Be sure to replace any connectors that show signs of corrosion, because it can cause your equipment to short out.
  • Make sure the enclosures on your security cameras have no water, condensation or dirt in them.
  • In order for security cameras to work their best they must have clear views at all time. Make sure to keep all trees, bushes, and vines perfectly trimmed. There’s nothing worse than having an issue on your property and when you look up the footage, all that’s there is a tree branch blocking the camera.

For Televisions:

  • Turn off the TV when no one is around, this will ease the strain on the TV’s LCD screen as well as lower the electric bill.
  • Make sure your TV is in a well ventilated position, if a TV has no ventilation this leads to the inside of the TV corroding and overheating.

For Tablets:

  • Delete your unnecessary apps, they not only drain your battery but they also slow your tablet down!
  • Clean your tablet’s cache, wiping this folder clean will help improve your tablet’s speed and performance.

Installing a Nest Thermostat can save you money!

nest thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is a revolutionary smart thermostat that is both user friendly and cost effective for our customers. With this device you can see your energy history and manage what days and seasons you spend the most on air conditioning or heating. The Nest Thermostat also provides mobile alerts when significant changes in temperature occur in your home. Receiving an alert that the temperature is too high in your apartment could mean the stove was left on and vice versa.

The most important feature of this product however, is the fact that it’s very user friendly! Unlike it’s competitors the Nest is the leader in smart thermostat market because of it’s emphasis on simplicity. All the user needs to do is spin the wheel to adjust the temperature and eventually the Nest stores the user’s patterns and it begins to adjust the air conditioning on it’s own! Once the pattern is picked up by the thermostat the energy saving capabilities of this device come out in full force.

By the Nest Thermostat picking up a pattern it will then begin to provide the customer with tips on how to improve energy efficiency around your home. This will then lead to a decrease in the amount that you pay monthly on your electric bill.

WiFi Boosters and Extenders worth it?

WiFi Boosters (Extenders and Repeaters)
The Netgear WiFi boosters are a great and affordable way to extend your WiFi signats to dead zones in your house. It works by plugging the device to the wall, capturing your main WiFi signal and “repeating” such signal to the dead spots throughout your home. Even though the Netgear WiFi booster solution is an affordable one, it’s not necessarily the best one. If what you’re looking for is performance and speed to be delivered to those elusive dead spots in your home we recommend to go for an AP (Access Point). Installing an AP is the best solution for extending your WiFi signal with minimal loss in performance. It also features more functionality than a WiFi booster because typically AP’s are also Network Routers. With that being said they have better internal hardware and better range boosting capabilities than your typical wall outlet repeater and provide more reliability in the long run.