Benefits of having security cameras!

security cameras
Here are some benefits of having security cameras installed:
  • By having security cameras your Homeowners Insurance can be reduced.
  • Security Cameras give you the ability to monitor your home or office remotely from your laptop, computer, or smartphone. Now you won’t have to worry the next time you go on vacation about your elderly parents or pets.
  • Security Cameras help deter and prevent employee theft. A customer of ours complained frequently about employee theft, NuAge PC installed Security Cameras for them and now the theft has been eliminated completely.
  • Security Cameras can help the local police department by documenting the incident or accident. Have you ever gone to your parked car and seen a dent, gone back inside and asked for the security camera footage but were told the store does not have cameras? By having cameras now the incident is documented and helps the police out exponentially to find the culprit.
  • If you still believe that you have no need for security cameras, I will leave you with one fact. The average amount taken in a home burglary is $2500.00, that is more than double the cost of what a basic security camera system costs to install.

Don’t fall for the IDNS Domain scam!

idns scam

Like most scams this company IDNS or Internet Domain Services, preys on people who don’t know any better. This professional looking letter arrives at our mailbox every year wanting us to give them our personal and credit card information. I choose to dump it, however, if you do a simple google search on this company you’ll see that IDNS scams plenty of people every year. The scam here is that your website domain really isn’t expiring but most people don’t actually know when theirs does expire. So when a professional looking company sends a friendly reminder, some our customers have been scammed. Mailing them your credit card information essentially makes them the owner of that website domain and IDNS starts charging you triple the amount for it’s use! If you feel the need to check in on your domain registration, just give a quick call to the site you purchased your domain from (Go Daddy etc.) and they will gladly tell you. As always with computer/internet scam, if someone requests your credit card information over the phone or through the mail, please don’t give it to them!




Making the case for Curved TVs



Curved TVs were the most hyped piece of new technology in the last year, but are they really worth the hype? Curved TVs were created so that your viewing experiencing could be enhanced by having the screen of the television curved. Below are reasons making the case for curved TVs:

1. They improve immersion

This is the biggest argument made in favor of curving TV screens. The idea is that by curving the image slightly forward, the world you’re watching seems to ‘wrap around’ you more, entering slightly more into your peripheral vision and thus drawing you deeper and deeper into the experience.


2. The sense of ‘depth’ is enhanced

One of the most common reactions from people watching a curved screen for the first time is that it looks like 3D, even when the source is 2D. This is because curving the edges of the image towards the viewer enhances the visual perception of depth in what you’re watching. Samsung underlines this by applying depth enhancement processing to its curved TVs that adjusts the contrast of different parts of the image to boost the sense of field depth. 


If you enjoy being immersed in movies and sporting events, a curved TV is perfect for you. The future of home entertainment will be these types of TVs and although not everyone has warmed up to the idea, companies are doubling down.