Windows 10 Automatic Update

windows 10

Windows 10 was automatically pushed out to many machines in past year and the results have been mixed. The biggest concerns comes from users who had no idea that Windows would automatically update on it’s own. Most of our clients have not been affected by this nuisance update, however some of our customers who own their own businesses have had some compatibility issues with this update and have lost important information in the process. If you are having problems with the Windows 10 upgrade, NuAge PC wants to help those who have been affected by making you feel comfortable using the new Windows 10 update. We will walk you through this new operating system and tweak various settings so this system operates and is configured in a way that you’re accustomed to.



Backup Solutions Pros & Cons

pros and cons

You might not realize how vulnerable your midterm thesis or your vacation photos are until your computer crashes, gets hacked, or infested with a serious malware and they’re wiped from your machine. Fortunately, there’s a simple step to preventing this–store your files in multiple locations. Backing up data regularly ensures that personal documents, photos, and other important files are secure in the event of a technology meltdown. Here are some backup solutions pros and cons:


Transfers data to a separate type of media, such as a CD/DVD, external hard drive, USB Flash drive, or Windows Home Server. For people who like backups of backups, especially for financial data, this provides a way to store the data off site at another location or in a bank safety deposit box.

ADVANTAGE – Backups and restores are fast and accessible. Copies can be placed off site for complete peace of mind.

DISADVANTAGE – Cost of media or server can be expensive. Even though the media might be very resilient, it is still susceptible to physical failure.


These backups are stored online and can be accessed from anywhere and often by multiple computers. The data is often stored in a secure online location that is accessible with a password you create.

ADVANTAGE – The most secure method and can be accessed anywhere. Backups can be setup to automatically happen in real time.

DISADVANTAGE – Usually requires a subscription cost and regular online access.